Is an AVR Generator suitable for my household appliances, laptop tv etc?

No, because an AVR Generator does not give you pure sine wave power. It would be better to go with an Inverter Generator, which will give you pure sine wave power.

What is Pure Sine Wave power?

Pure sine wave energy is the type of power that is produced by your local power company.

What are the benefits of a Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

The benefits of running your equipment and appliances on pure sing wave include:

  • Generates less electrical noise in your equipment - this means no lines on your TV set and no hum in your electrical system.
  • Reduces audible and electrical noise in fans, fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, fax and answering machines.
  • Prevents crashes in computers, weird print outs and glitches in monitors.
Are Inverter Generators quiet?

Yes, depending on what model you buy, the Dba can range from between 55 to 68 Dba.

You can get opened framed inverter Generators and also enclosed inverter generators which provide different levels of sound dampening.

Will an Inverter Generator run my whole house?

That is dependent on what you want to run, most people want to keep their fridge and freezer going in the advent of power loss.

Look at the example below for an idea of how much power appliances generally need to run. This helps you see the total amount of power that needs to be generated.

Appliance Starting Wattage Running Wattage
Fridge 1700 200
Electric Fry Pan 1400 1400
Five room lights 300 300
Flatscreen TV 200 200
Microwave 1600 1600
Total 5200 3700
Will an Inverter Generator run my solar battery charger?

Yes, you can have any 2-wire start generator connected to your battery charger.

The battery charger will then talk to the Generator and tell it to turn on and charge the batteries.

Once the batteries are full the charger will then tell the generator to turn off.

What if I want an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and how does it work?

How Does an Automatic Transfer Switch Work?

An automatic transfer switch, or ATS switch, connects your standby generator to your home. ... When the transfer switch detects a power outage, it switches your home to generator power.

Afterwards, it detects when the power is restored and switches your home back to utility power.

Please see the link below for a video on how an Automictic Transfer Switch (ATS) works with generators.


How do I make the most of my Generator?

Here's how to make the most of your generator:

  1. Don't start all your appliances at once. Start those with high starting wattage requirements at different times. E.g if you start the refrigerator and the frying pan individually, you don't need 3100 watts of power - you would only need 1700.
  2. If you have an appliance that is only being used occasionally for short periods, run it by itself. Turn off the fridge and other things for a few minutes while you use the microwave - a small trade-off like this saves you lots of power.
  3. Turn less important appliances off. If you don't mind turning off the lights and TV, you could buy an even smaller model. Some generator owners don't want the hassle, and so they buy a larger generator.

Here's another look at the power example.

Wattage Estimate Guide

This chart lists average power requirements. Your particular tool or appliance may require more or less than the listed wattage.
* Where START wattage is the same as RUN wattage, this signifies no additional power is required for starting.

Important Note:  Always select a generator that has more capacity than your load requirements. The small amount extra you may invest to do this will be quickly recovered with the fuel saving and longer service life gained by not having to constantly run your generator at full load

What about back up for my Generator purchase?

The Generator Place has a nationwide network of service agents around NZ and guarantees spare parts backup.

I need a Generator on site to run power tools, what do I need?

It would come down to “what tools do I really need to run”, the chart below shows approx start-up watts.

Feel free to call us to discuss this further - 0800 43 88 66

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