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5Ltr Easy Measure Fuel Set.
Fuel Set is a proven Quality Fuel Stabiliser/Conditioner that will continually maintain a clean fuel sytem, a higher level of economy and engine performance. can also be used to revitalise Stagnant Fuel.

Suitable for Both Deisel & Petrol Engines
  • Regular use of Fuel Set 
  • Improves Fuel Performance
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Removes Water from Fuel Lines
  • Dissolves Wax, Gum & Varnish Deposits in Fuel System & Injectors
  • De-carbonises Combustion chambers
  • PREVENTS Deisel Bug
  • Prevents Fungal Growth
  • Reduces Emmissions
  • Reduces Fuel System Corrosion
  • Reduces Maintenance

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More Information

Appearance Blue / green transparent fluid with a pleasant odour
pH 7.0
Dilution 1:4000, 10ml per 50 litres or 5ml for 20 litres of fuel
Application Empty required dose into tank before filling with fuel. With Stale Fuel, Diesel Bug, Water in Tank - use double dose until problem eradicated. Regular dosing at 1:4000 will help prevent future problems.
Flammability Flashpoint 67 Celcius. Under normal conditions of combustion it will burn to form CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) & H2O (Water)
Safety Common sense precautions should be observed. Contact with skin or eyes should be flushed with water. NON HAZARDOUS. BIO-DEGRADABLE
Shelf Life Indefinate. Colour may change over time but this does not affect the performance.
Storage Keep above freezing. Keep away from sources of ignition.

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