GT Power GT4000I LPG Electric Start Inverter Generator

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GT Power GT4000I LPG Electric Start Inverter Generator

Your go-to solution for reliable and versatile power. Designed for both professional and personal use, this generator combines efficiency, convenience, and quiet operation into one powerful package. Explore the features that make the GT4000I stand out.

Powerful & Reliable Engine:
At the heart of the GT4000I is a dependable Powerdyne 4-stroke OHV engine, renowned for its reliability and endurance. Boasting a maximum output of 4000W and a continuous power supply of 3500W, this generator, paired with a high-performance air cleaner system, delivers consistent and robust power output. This ensures your operations run smoothly and efficiently without interruption, even under demanding conditions.

With the ability to operate on either Petrol or LPG, and a regulator included for easy LPG connection, users can effortlessly switch between fuel types based on availability, preference, or cost-efficiency. This feature not only enhances the generator's versatility but also ensures it can adapt to various operational needs, making it an ideal power solution for a wide range of environments and situations.

Innovative Start-Up:
Experience hassle-free start-up thanks to the innovative push button start with WIFI remote starting capability. This feature allows for easy operation, giving you control from a distance and adding a layer of convenience to your power access.

The GT Power GT4000i-LPG generator offers seamless integration with your home backup system, thanks to its advanced 2 wire start feature. This enables automatic start-up during power outages when connected to a compatible transfer switch, ensuring uninterrupted power supply with minimal setup. Perfect for maintaining essential appliances and systems without manual intervention

Designed for Quiet Operation:
Designed with your comfort in mind, the GT4000I features a large capacity muffler and silenced casing, making it one of the quietest generators in its class - only 52dB. Enjoy super quiet operation, allowing you to work or relax without the disruptive noise often associated with power generation.

Enhanced Safety & Portability:
Safety is a top priority with the GT4000I. Equipped with thermal overload circuit breakers, it provides increased protection while operating, ensuring you and your equipment stay safe from electrical hazards. It also features a heavy duty wheel set and handle for improved portability

Versatile Power Outlets:
The GT4000I is equipped with 2x 15A outlets and 2x USB outlets, catering to a wide range of power needs. The optional Parallel Connection Function adds to its versatility, linking two generators for increased power output.

Extended Run Time:
It features a 12L fuel tank that ensures an extended run time of 8 hours, making it reliable for prolonged use during outdoor events, power outages, or in remote locations.

Strong Warranty:
GT Power backs the GT4000I with a robust warranty - 4 years for domestic use and 2 years for commercial applications. This is complemented by a 10-year spare part guarantee, ensuring long-term reliability and peace of mind.

The GT Power GT4000I is an exceptional choice for anyone seeking a reliable, efficient, and quiet inverter generator. Its combination of power, innovation, and user-friendly features make it an ideal solution for a variety of power needs.

  • Pre-Dispatch Quality Assurance: Every GT Power generator undergoes meticulous testing and pre-delivery preparation, including oil filling and comprehensive checkup, ensuring it's ready for immediate use upon arrival.
  • Dedicated GT Power Service Agents Nationwide: Access to specialised service agents across New Zealand for reliable support.
  • GT Power 10-Year Spare Parts Guarantee: Ensuring long-term essential parts availability for all GT Power generators.
  • Best in Class Warranty: GT Power provides an industry-leading warranty, showcasing its commitment to quality and customer trust - 4 years for domestic use and 2 years for commercial applications.
Phase Single
Engine 4 Stroke OHV
Maximum Output 4000W
Continuous Output 3500W
Noise Level (dB) 52
Starting System Electric/Recoil
Fuel tank Capacity (L) 12
Run Time 12hrs
Fuel Petrol/LPG
Low Oil Cutout Yes
230V Power Sockets 2
DC Power Sockets 1
Parallel Operations Connection Function Yes
Cooled Air
Digital HR Meter No
Wheel kit Yes
Weight (kg) 40
Dimension(L x W x H) 758 x 495 x 550mm
Warranty 2 Year Commercial/ 4 Year Domestic
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