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The Quality Italian manufactured MOSA GE 6000 YDM delivers 5.7Kva output. This is a single-phase open frame DIESEL generator which is ideal for worksites, farms, and at home for all your power or back-up needs.

MOSA machines are Heavy Duty Commercial grade generators ideal for industry.

All MOSA generators are equipped with:

"Power Optimiser" System

Designed and patented by MOSA, the "power optimiser” system aims to prevent engine overload when working near power limit, allowing the full power of the engine to be exploited. With this system MOSA generators can ensure stable and optimal operation in all welding conditions.


Auto Idle

The concept of power on demand is allowed by the auto idle function on MOSA machines. Not only does this function help to reduce engine wear, increasing the lifetime of your machine, it also allows for fuel savings.


Engine Protection

MOSA Generators feature a system consisting of an electronic PCB and engine stop device (Electrode stop solenoid valve) to aid in engine protection. In the event of low oil pressure, low fuel level, or high engine temperature this engine protection system will stop the engine to avoid damage occurring.*

Retail Price (Excluding GST): $3915.00

  • Yanmar L100V Diesel Engine for compact design without sacrificing power or performance and the ultimate reliability.
  • 5100W (5.7Kva) maximum and 4500W (5Kva) rated power output.
  • 2 x 15A 230V outlets. 50Hz
  • 24.8 maximum Amps
  • Diesel fuel Generator
  • 5.5L Tank Capacity
  • Single Phase
  • Low-Oil engine shutdown
  • Protective framing for improved protection and durability.
  • Dimensions (mm) 520 x 770 x 650
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