Mosa New Magic Weld 150 Engine Driven Welder

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Mosa New Magic Weld 150 Engine Driven Welder

he New Magic Weld is a compact welding generator, lightweight and professional, with electronic control of the welding current capable of delivering up to 150 A with a duty cycle of 60%.

The weight of the whole machine is only 34 kg. Driven by a Honda 4-stroke petrol engine, it uses an innovative permanent magnet alternator to supply a welding current of up to 150 A DC, and it can function simultaneously as a welder and generator.

The presence of an auto idle economizer introduces the concept of "power on demand", allowing both fuel savings and reduced engine wear.

The New Magic Weld is able to weld any kind of electrode (rutile, basic, cellulose) up to 3.25 mm and takes full advantage of the engine's power output thanks to a technology developed by MOSA known as "Power Optimizer".

Additionally, you can also use it as auxiliary power generator 230v or 110v up to 2 kW DC to power small tools or lighting.

The New Magic Weld is compact and professional, easy to transport and proves indispensable as the most portable machine for carrying out welding repairs on site.

Key Features
  • Engine Honda GX200, air cooled, petrol
  • Permanent magnet alternator
  • Single phase generator 2KW
  • Max welding current: 150 A (duty cycle 60%)
  • Welding process: Electrode
  • Only 34Kg
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